Whenever a company issues a ‘no comment’ statement during a crisis it’s making a big mistake. Readers, viewers and listeners think, ‘What are they hiding?’. On top of that they also let rumour and speculation fill the vacuum. That’s bad enough but what’s worse is they have passed up a golden opportunity to take control of the situation.

The contentdistillery has trained CEOs and senior management teams not only to cope with the bad times but also to excel in any interview situation.

Our trainers are all journalists with years of experience with the BBC, ITN and national newspapers.

Our courses are individually tailored and can prepare you or a group of colleagues for TV, radio or print interviews. A typical course will cover

  • how the media operates
  • how to prepare for interviews
  • the differences between TV, radio and print interviews
  • how to conduct different types of interview, such as pro-active, reactive, expert commentator and hostile (crisis communications)
  • developing key messages which convey your views persuasively
  • how to take control of an interview, stick to your own agenda and deliver key messages successfully
  • use of language, body language, dress and delivery